Instruction within Central Zone

Like other zones within Victoria, central zone has a zone chief instructor (ZCI). Niree Weybury is the ZCI for Central Zone. She is responsible for, among other things, the policy and direction of instruction throughout central zone. Niree was elected by the coaching panel in June 2016 and her position was endorsd by the State Council in August 2016. Prior to this, Ruth Feltoe has been our ZCI for the last 6 years. The coaching panel has greatly appreciated her leadership and vision in that time. For a summary of Ruth's contributions to the zone, click here.

This is how Niree introduced herself after her appointment in August 2016.

My name is Niree Weybury and I have been involved in the pony club movement since 1989 where I started as a junior rider at Oaklands Pony Club. I moved to Tullamarine Pony Club where I channeled my riding skills into games and was one of 6 riders to represent Victoria in the National Prince Phillip Mounted Games Competition. I left pony club at age 21, the maximum age back then and became DC at Tullamarine. As well as being DC, I coached at many other clubs around Victoria, sharing my games and musical ride knowledge.

After 3 years as DC at Tullamarine, it was time to hand the reins over to someone else. I completed my NCAS level 1 coaching accreditation and became a permanent coach at Oaklands pony club taking my games & musical teams to state numerous times. I was asked to be DC at Oaklands and willingly accepted, now in my 8th year as DC, being the longest standing in Oaklands 60 year history. Some say this is crazy but I enjoy what I do!

I have been on the CZ panel since 2009 as Zone assistant, Deputy Chief Instructor and now Zone Chief instructor.

I love the pony club movement and I love what it’s about. I have been lucky enough to be involved from all different angles and now my children are experiencing the great things that pony club has to offer.

I am here to assist CZ & its clubs with whatever I can and if I can’t help – I will find someone who can.

She is helped by a number of deputy chief instructors (DCIs) and zone assistants (ZAs).

Some of the minutes of their meetings are recorded below.

Please click here for the DCI/ZA Panel List and a Special Skills list if you are looking for a "go to" person.


Suggested guidelines which could be helpful to both judges and riders have been prepared for Led Handler. Click here for Guidelines for Led Handler .

The activity "Opening and Closing a Gate" is included in the Handymount at the Summer Royal and may be included in the Handymount section at other shows. For the safest way to complete this activity, click here.

 Other showing guidelines are published on the PCAV website. Go to Publications - Rules and Regulations and Guides - Rule Books - Showing Rules and Guide.

 For the minutes of the DCI/ZA panel meetings, click on the date:  Feb 24, 2011May 5, 2011August 11, 2011November 17, 2011October 26 2012June 20, 2013 July 31 2014October 29 2014March 5,2015May 20,2015 , July 29 2015September 16 2015January 6 2016April 13 2016July 13 2016October 12 2016Feb 1 2017May 11 2017July 26 2017, October 25 2017June 27 2018, October 24 2018,  February 20 2019,

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