Each of the 180 pony clubs within the Pony Club Victoria (PCV) is allocated to a zone: in all there are ten zones in Victoria. Each zone is incorporated under the Victorian Associations Incorporations Act 1981 and has a Statement of Purpose and Rules of Incorporation. They must also work within the rules and directions of the PCV.

The 23 pony clubs in central zone are the ‘members’ of the Zone. Each member club pays an annual levy to the zone to cover expenses and projects. The clubs also contribute in another important way – by providing experienced individuals from within their own membership ranks to help administer the Zone and its activities.

Central Zone Committee of Management

A Committee of Management manages the affairs of the Central Zone. The zone committee is made up of:

  • Two delegates from each member club in the zone
  • Office bearers (ie., president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.)
  • The zone representative, who is a club member of one of the pony clubs in Central Zone, but not a zone delegate. 

Elections for these positions are held each year. The committees of member clubs nominate zone delegates. Zone office bearers are elected at the Zone’s annual general meeting. The zone representative is elected by members of the Central Zone at the PCAV annual general meeting, in accordance with PCAV rules.

Zone Meetings

Meetings of the Central Zone are held every two months at the Ross Watts Children's Hall in New Gisborne. These are attended by members of the Zone Executive Committee as well as delegates from each member club in the zone. (Other pony club members are welcome to attend, but only the zone delegates can vote on any issues that arise.)

CZ Minutes – key source of information for clubs

The Minutes of zone meetings contain important information for Clubs. They often include timely reminders for Club officials regarding Club administration but also details of forthcoming Zone events that riding members may want to attend. The Minutes can be downloaded from the Central Zone website. Alternatively, for a nominal fee, clubs can choose each year for certain officials to receive these in hard copy form. See Zone Secretary for details.

Central Zone sub-committees 

There are three sub-committees within Central Zone. Namely;

  1. The executive committee is made up of the Central Zone office holders and the zone representative.
  2. The DCI/ZA panel
  3. The Events sub-committee

The events sub-committee is a fairly recent innovation designed to share the load of organizing and overseeing zone events. Sue Hollins, from Gisborne PC, is the zone events coordinator.

If you want to read the Rules of Incorporation and Statement of Purposes (commonly referred to as the Constitution) of the Central Zone, click here. These should be read in conjunction with the PCAV Rules and By-Laws.

For information on who holds what position at Zone level, see 'Who's Who' at Central Zone.


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