What is a Membership Card? (also called Grading Card) 

They are the means by which Riding members of PCV can prove their current financial membership. It is also used to record Rally Attendances, Gradings for each discipline, and any Qualifications gained for State Level Events. These notations are made by the Secretary, Card Secretary or District Commissioner of the member's Club.

The colour of the card changes yearly, and is issued by the State Office upon each member being updated through the Myclub system by the relevant club. Cards must not be tampered with.

It is really important that both members and event office staff know how membership cards are required to be filled out and how verification forms can be used.  How to fill out a Grading Card and read the PCV Handbook of By-laws and find out the specific rules for both cards and verification forms.

Membership Cards  "No Card - No Ride"

Must be presented as the card proves eligibility to compete and must be accurate.  Membership may also be proved by showing the virtual membership card that can be found on the MyPonyClub APP.  Search your favourite APP Store for Pony Club Australia.

Verification Forms

It is recommended that organising committees do not make the form available at competitions as it is the competitiors responsibility to bring the form if required. This will help to avoid misuse of the form. Forms must only be used when the club member has a lost or damaged card.

Verification Form - Word  |  Verification Form - PDF

Replacement Cards

If you have lost or damaged your member card so that it is unable to be used you will need to order a new card from the MEMBERS STORE in MyPonyClub.

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