Annual Club Awards


The club's Annual Award Presentations take place in December
at the end of each membership year.

Throughout the year our dedicated instructors teach, encourage and mentor our riders
in all disciplines of equestrian riding.
These awards are the culmination of all the hard work and dedication put in by our members,
whether they go on to compete or not.



Best Presented: Kymberly Miller
(Runners up: Jordyn Pretty-Murphy & Ella Gallagher)

Micro Rider Encouragement Award: Amber Miller

Junior Rider Encouragement Award: Chloe Files

Junior Eventer: Mia Cooper

Senior Eventer: Jordyn Pretty-Murphy

Trudgen Family Dressage Encouragement Award: Ella Gallagher

Best Horse & Rider Combination: Leilani Justice & Miss Amity (Muffin)

DC's Award: Kymberly Miller




Best Presented: Jordyn Pretty-Murphy

Senior Eventer: Leilani Justice

Junior Eventer: Hayley Fino

Show Jumping Award (new 2018): Leilani Justice

Best Horse & Rider: Amy Crampton riding Banjo

Kathryn Sheppard Award: Leilani Justice




Best Presented: Bree Perry

Best Presented Runners Up: Kymberly Miller, Amy Crampton & Renee Camilleri

Junior Encouragement Award: Jordyn Pretty-Murphy

Intermediate Encouragement Award: Jayden Lugosi

Senior Encouragement Award: Kymberly Miller

Best Horse & Rider: Bree Perry riding Buck

Dressage Encouragement Award: Amy Crampton

Senior Eventer: Laura Clark

Kathryn Sheppard Award: Leilani Justice

DC's Award: Katie Perry

President's Award: Martin Cooper



Best Presented: Sally Studley

Best Presented Runner Up: Amber Falzon

Junior Encouragement Award : Tyson Layton

Intermediate Encouragement Award: Tahlia Basiaco

Senior Encourage Award: Renee Camilleri

Best Horse & Rider: Hayley Fino riding Katie

Most Improved Horse: Banjo (Amy Crampton)

Senior Eventer: Laura Clark

Kathryn Sheppard Award: Sally Studley

DC’s Award: David Clark




Dressage Encouragement Award sponsored: Kobie Mallia

Intermediate Encouragement Award: Nikya East

Best Horse & Rider Combination: Leilani Justice riding Rusty

Kathryn Sheppard Award: Sally Studley

DC's Award: Lachlan Attard

Presidents Award: Paula Clark




Bloody Good Helper Award: Josh Heslington

Dedication Award: Olivia Sicily-Childs

Presidents Award: Deb Pace

Best Presented Award: Maddison Dann

Horse and Rider Combination: Larissa Oyler

Most Improved Horse: Lad (ridden by Erynn Stuhldreier)

Most Improved Rider: Krystal Dennison

Senior Encouragement Award: Brittany Attard

Dressage Encouragement Award: Laura Clark

Senior Eventing Award: Sally Studley

Kathryn Sheppard Award: Kobie Mallia

Honorary Life Member: Carmel Studley




Most Improved Horse: Jimmy (ridden by Sally Studley)

Most Improved Rider: Georgia Keim

Junior Encouragement Awards: Ashleigh Delosa & Kymberly Miller

Senior Encouragement Award: Krystal Dennison

Junior Eventer: Jessica Forth

Senior Eventer (Spring Creek Tiny Award): Laura Clark

President's Award: Paula Clark

Kathryn Sheppard Award: Cassandra Troon




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