Membership Fee Structure





Membership is made up of the following components:

MDPC Annual Feeplus

PCV State Fee (Inclusive of 24/7 Insurance Cover)
this component is transferrable should you change clubs; 

PCA National Fee; plus

CZ Zone Fee; plus

MDPC Monthly Rally Fee
each riding member pays a small fee at the start of each rally


Membership fees are used to meet the fixed costs of running the club including zone fees,
insurance, utilities etc.

Membership fees on their own do not cover these costs and so the club raises funds
during the year through various fundraisers and hosting of events.

Each riding member under the age of 18 must have a supporting member
(usually parent or guardian).

Membership runs for the Calendar year but it is essential that fees are paid by the December rally
to ensure that members are covered by membership insurance for any January Competitions etc.
PCV offers Pro-Rata fees apply from 1 July each year (commencing 2021).


Membership Fees