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24 SEP 2020 | COVID-19 UPDATE - Regional Victoria Return to Competition

Published on Thursday, September 24, 2020

24 SEP 2020 | COVID-19 UPDATE - Regional Victoria Return to Competition


Further to our advice dated 17th September 2020 detailing permitted equestrian activities in Regional Victoria, the following directions are provided to assist a return to competition under theRESTRICTED ACTIVITY DIRECTIONS (NON MELBOURNE) NO. 5 (Third Step)

The restrictions came into effect at 11.59pm on 16th September 2020.

These restrictions allow

  • Outdoor non-contact sport for adults.
  • Outdoor sport (contact and non-contact) for people aged 18 and under.

What you need to know

  • There are no restrictions on reasons to leave home or on how far you can travel within regional Victoria
  • You must wear a face covering when you leave home.

Holding equestrian competition under Regional Victoria Third Step restrictions

Subject to DHHS announcementsequestrian competition may resume under the following conditions:

  • All competition must be held outdoors. Indoor arenas are to remain closed.
  • Social distancing (1.5m) must be maintained in all areas.
  • Where it is necessary during the conduct of an event to form groups (e.g. show classes, mounted games, marshalling areas) each group must not exceed 10 persons. Judges, event officials or essential support personnel are not counted in the group of 10.
  • Where it is NOT necessary to form group ie individual competition such as Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, participation is limited to the minimum number of people required for the activity.
  • Organising Committees must timetable events to expedite participation and avoid excessive participant numbers on site.
  • Pre-entries only in accordance with competition requirements.
  • Personnel, officials and volunteers are to be limited to those essential for the running of the event.
  • 1 parent/helper per junior participant.
  • No spectators. Essential support personnel only.
  • Persons from restricted areas may not attend or participate
  • Facilities, with the exception of toilets, must remain closed.
  • There must be at least 4m clearance between parked floats and vehicles, including portable yards or other equipment associated with the float/vehicle.
  • Alternating yards or stables must remain vacant.
  • Toilets and common use surfaces must be disinfected regularly
  • Temperature checks must be undertaken at entry.
  • An attendee’s register including name, mobile phone number and time arrived at the venue must be recorded for every person in attendance.
  • Persons who are sick or unwell or displaying any sign of sickness must not attend.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times, except if the activity results in being out of breath or puffing and must be worn immediately before and after the activity ceases. If you are doing exercise or a physical activity where you are not out of breath or puffing, then you must wear a face covering unless you have a lawful reason not to do so.
  • Equipment must be cleaned after use. No sharing of equipment.
  • Canteens, kiosks and at venue dining facilities can open subject to the industry restart guidelines for hospitality
  • The COVIDsafe app should be downloaded and active.
  • Organising Committees must have a COVIDSafe Plan in place to assist in event management.
  • If camping is permitted you can camp with the people you live with, your intimate partner, or the household you have formed a bubble with (your household can book campsites with up to five members of your bubble household). Campsites must be separated by a minimum distance of 4m.
  • A Covid Safe Officer must be appointed to monitor compliance with Covid 19 rules and restrictions.

The approach to equestrian competition is ‘get in, compete, get out’

minimising unnecessary contact at the event.

Social distancing (1.5m) and good hygiene MUST be maintained

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Author: Suanne Waugh

Categories: COVID-19, UPDATE



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